Dance Concert :D

Dance Concert had been so tiring. All the student had been work hard for the concert and try their best. On the night the parent come to see the concert they were excited. When it all started some student were nervous some were excited. When you sit at the top seat it feels like you nearly fall.My class song was New York and the road again. My favourite was New York and the costume was cane, black pants,suspenders and white shirt.

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Our project

This term my school is doing differently we have the grade 3 to 6 choosing the topic for inquiry. The topic are natural disaster , planet and space , animal adaptation and the life cycle of animal but I chose natural disaster. On the first section  we need to draw an art but it is not a art lesson I draw volcano. On the second section we found out lot of fact about natural disaster. I found out Clouds which come out side from cyclone are called cloud chains which make the cyclone bigger. The average life of most cyclones is 1 week.

Entering Term 3

It was exciting at camp. I am looking forward for our inquiry because we will be doing very differently to last term. I am also looking forward Deakin University for next Monday to teach us science I am excite for doing the coke experiment when the Deakin student came next Monday. Tomorrow the senior are going to the Emmaus production give our school for free. The tittle for the production is Beauty and the Beast.  



Camp at Mt Evelyn

On the first day of term 3, the senior went to Mt Evelyn Recreation camp. my favourite activities was giant swing it was scary when I pull the blue rope and it drop and swing. the activities were circus art ( because it was raining so we can’t do archery), flying fox , bush cooking ,  low rope , leap of faith and giant swing (my favourite).

100 word challenge

My partner and I did this story.

Tornado of doom

The wind was howling and the earth was shivering, the animals knew that a storm was coming. The farmer was starring up into the sky and saw the wind was twisting into a tornado a tornado the farmer knew what he had to do: warn the townspeople of the incoming tornado. He got into his car and drove off while the tornado swallowed his farm, he hit the gas pedal with all his might but the ferocious wind would not let go of his car and it swallowed the car whole and destroying the town and leaving it in ruins.