Last on Friday, our teacher got the whole class to do the 100 word challenge. Me and my friend(Ben) do the 100 word challenge. The challenge need to be 100 no less or more. my story was: The Revenge of the baby duck.

 It was a hot day, no one wanted to go out, but only two boys dared to go outside and have ‘fun’. Luckily, they came across a restaurant named ‘Roast Duck Inn’. Their stomachs were growling so they decided to eat. As they entered, they only saw one customer who was a businessman. After they had finished, they got out of the restaurant but as they turned the corner there were a bunch of baby ducks. They thought they were cute so they brought them back home. They decided to feed them but the baby ducks ate the boys instead. 

And please comment about me and my partner work and any other mistake that we should change.

my partner link:http://benedictlss.global2.vic.edu.au/ 😀

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