My Weekend

On Saturday,  didn’t go to Chinese school because of Queen birthday so  stay at home a long day and I watch lots of movie: paper plane and the avengers age of ultron and my dinner was fish (my favourite). On Sunday, my Mom and Dad had a meeting and it was so long and I didn’t do anything. If you want to watch movie press here or this  link : it free you can watch any movie. Please comment on my blog. 😀

Learning Goals week 2

On Monday,we as part of the class member and we have to go around the circle and share our goal to the our whole class. My goal was to don’t rush on my homework and do it neatly because i need to do it neatly so that my homework will be organise. On Friday we share what being learning about and rate it 1 to 10. what is your goal to a good learner?

Camp at Mt Evelyn

I am looking forward for camp at Mt Evelyn because it going to be fun.All the grade 5/6 will go to Mt Evelyn.Some of the activity are fun like flying fox, giant swing and archery.


B Mlry via Compfight My hobby is playing soccer because it fun and it keep you fit and healthy. when I am 7 I play soccer with my neighbours and lot of peoples in a field playing soccer. The reason i play soccer is because i watch the Fifa world cup and they play so good it inspire me to play soccer.


Last on Friday, our teacher got the whole class to do the 100 word challenge. Me and my friend(Ben) do the 100 word challenge. The challenge need to be 100 no less or more. my story was: The Revenge of the baby duck.  It was a hot day, no one wanted to go out, but only two boys dared to go outside and have ‘fun’. Luckily, they came across a restaurant named ‘Roast Duck Inn’. Their stomachs were growling so they decided to eat. As they entered, they only saw one customer who was a businessman. After they had finished, they got out of the … Continue reading 100 Word CHALLENGE

The Big Debate On Friday

On this Friday, our principle (Mr.G) chose to the senior to debate and the whole school will vote should we keep free Friday or not. Free Friday is when you not playing ball game on the grass and you can play gymnastic and master tag.

Learning Goal

Our class had being a good learner by making a goal. Every Monday, our whole class sit in a circle and think of a goal to improve and share their goal to the whole class. My goal was to chose a book to read more often at class and at home because I need to improve at my reading so I can learn the vocabulary and more. And Every Friday we share how we went and rate 1 to 10. Will you read more often at school or at home  

Anzac day Reflection

The book that I have been reading is Simpson and Duffy (donkey). Simpson found a donkey at Gallipoli cliff and he used it  to rescue a lot of people and he was a hero at the Gallipoli but he died on the road path when he was rescuing someone. The Turkish shot Simpson. He died at only 22 years old.  The Indian Soldiers kept the donkey safely until the war’s end. If I was at the war I would feel very scared and terrified. All the Soldiers have died so we can live in peace. I wonder why they want to … Continue reading Anzac day Reflection